Hōgaku Journal International Shakuhachi Competition – open to all styles and to everyone!


As a part of WSF2018 London, and in celebration of the shakuhachi and its music around the world, we are excited to announce the Hōgaku Journal International Shakuhachi Competition 2018, a music competition to showcase the greatest growing shakuhachi performers from around the world.

The WSF competitions have always been a great way to draw attention to the wide range of talents and approaches within the shakuhachi world, as also the popular and high-class performances presented at for example the WSF events in Kyoto 2012, Sydney 2008 and Tokyo 2002 showed. The WSF2018 in London will endeavour to honour this tradition and we are looking forward to hear your performances. Good Luck!

Rules & Guidelines

This competition is open to anyone.

Pieces for the Competition
Performance of two pieces will be required of each applicant, a Required Piece, which will be provided by the WSF2018 competition committee, and a piece of each applicant’s choosing.
Registration for the competition requires the submission of a MP3 recording of the applicant’s Chosen Piece.


Chosen Piece
The applicant’s piece should be under five minutes in length. and can be a traditional piece (koten), folk song (min’yō), contemporary piece or original piece, played upon any length of shakuhachi.


Required Piece
Contest rules require that each contestant perform one of two pieces provided by the competition committee. These pieces, about three minutes in length, are especially composed for this event to showcase ability on the shakuhachi. The contestant may choose from the following two pieces:

Youyou (‘From Afar’), composed by MAEDA Satoko for 1.8 shakuhachi, written in stave notation.

A, composed by TAKAHASHI Kumiko for any size shakuhachi, written in standard kinko style notation (ro-tsu-re-chi).

Registration Process

The registration is a two-step process, with primary registration taking place between April 1st and June 30th, 2018.

Please submit everything to the following address: competition@wsf2018.com


Step One

• Completed Registration form [download PDF]

• Passport type portrait photo

• Please pay the registration fee of £35.00 via PayPal using the button below

Step Two

As soon as we receive your registration fee and form, a participation certificate and the scores of the two required pieces will be sent to each participant. Please choose which piece you would like to perform.

Send us the title of the Required Piece along with an MP3 recording of your Chosen Piece (under five minutes), which must be the same piece you will perform at the competition.

Applicants do not need to send in a recording of the required piece.

Judging (pre-selection)

A final selection will be made of ten participants. In the case of more than 10 registrations, applicants will be undergoing a pre-selection process by the judges.

The names of the ten final participants will be announced on this page July on 10th.

Judging & Awards (Finals)

The Finals of the WSF2018 Shakuhachi Performance Competition will take place on Thursday, August 2nd from 13h00 to 14h30. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony at 15h00.

The competition venue is the Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall Building at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Performance order will be determined by lottery on the day of the competition. Each contestant will first perform their Required Piece, followed immediately by their Chosen Piece.


Competition Judges (in alphabetical order):
Christopher Yohmei BLASDEL
Kiku DAY
Riley LEE
Véronique PIRON
TANAKA Takafumi
David Kansuke WHEELER


1. Place: £300 & a performance slot at the WSF2018 Closing Concert

2. Place: £200

3. Place: £100