Horacio CURTI

Barcelona, Spain


Horacio CURTI encountered the shakuhachi for the first time on the Himalayas and decided to go to Japan to study the instrument under KAKIZAKAI Kaoru sensei, focusing on koten honkyoku music. It was there that he received his shakuhachi shihan from YOKOYAMA Katsuya sensei on the year 2004, becoming the first shakuhachi master in Spain.

He works as a performer on Japanese, Western Classical Contemporary and free improvised music having collaborated with institutions such as Anthwerp Royal Conservatory, Brussels conservatory and Universities such as London, Graz, Barcelona, Autónoma de Barcelona, Ramon Llul, Oberta de Barcelona and groups such as Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège and Plural Ensemble. He has premiered compositions by Ramon HUMET, David PADROS, Olivia CARRIÓN, NAKAMURA Saiko and Jim FRANKLIN; worked with musicians and dancers such as Esteban Algora ALGORA, Alessandra ROMBOLÁ, Jim FRANKLIN, KAKIZAKAI Kaoru, Veronique PIRON, Andres CORCHERO and Rolf MEESTERS.

CURTI has played and taught in South and North America, Europe and Japan and has commercially released two solo albums (‘Ichi’ and ‘Home is Now’), created and recorded the music for the CD accompanying the book ‘Cuentos Zen. Pequeñas historias para despertar’ (both in Spanish and Catalan), the music for the short movie ‘Mater Salvatoris’ and has worked both in theatre and with dance. In 2015 he was awarded the prize ‘Consul General del Japón en Barcelona’ and in 2017 he edited the book ‘Eolssigu! The sounds of Korea’. He has been appointed as soloist for the 2019 premiered of Ramon HUMET’s shakuhachi concert.

Resident in Barcelona, he has a degree in Ethnomusicology and teaches at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Esmuc) and SAE Institut Barcelona. He is currently working on his Phd in Ethnomusicology.