Tokyo, Japan


Born in Tokyo, KAWAMURA Kizan graduated from Engineering Department of Tōyō University. KAWAMURA studied shakuhachi with his father KAWAMURA Taizan and received his master licenses jun shihan and shihan with honours from the Tozan Gakkai School of Shakuhachi.

KAWAMURA was a member of the 51st graduating class of the National Broadcasting Association’s (NHK) Japanese Music Artists Program Program and passed the NHK audition, and has appeared on the NHK Radio program ‘Hōgaku Hitotoki’ (A Moment of Japanese Music). In 2009 he received the Grand Prize at the 15th Kumamoto All-Japan Traditional Music Competition as well as the Culture and Science Minister’s Newcomers Prize. He also won gold medals at both the 36th (2010) and 38th (2012) Tozan School All-Japan Honkyoku Competitions.

KAWAMURA is currently a Tozan Ryū Grand Master and assistant lecturer, and a member of the Tozan Ryū Shakuhachi Music Association, the Taizan-kai, the Mutsu-no-o Japanese instrument orchestra, the Hachiku Shakuhachi Quartet and other groups.