Kyoto, Japan


Born and raised in Kyoto city, KURAHASHI Yodo II studied Kinko Ryū shakuhachi and koten honkyoku under the tutelage of the first KURAHASHI Yodo (his father) and MATSUMURA Homei. Today, he is the second generation head of the shakuhachi dōjō ‘Muju An’.

KURAHASHI has received ‘The Encouragement Award of Osaka Culture Festival’ and ‘Kyoto City Traditional Culture Foundation Award’.
and his CD of koten honkyoku ‘Kyoto Spirit’ was selected as ‘the CD of the Year’ by the American Magaznie ‘New Age Magazine’. He has also written a series of humoristic essays in Hōgaku Journal.KURAHASHI has held koten honkyoku solo recitals in New York, Paris, Jerusalem, Atlanta, San Francisco, Bermuda, Beijing, Shanghai among other places. He also hosts regular courses titled ‘Shakuhachi Intensive’ in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas, San Francisco and other places.

KURAHASHI was the main organiser of the World Shakuhachi Festival 2012 held in Kyoto.