SASAKI Chikano

Musashimurayama, Japan


SASAKI Chikano studied with KAMEYAMA Kono and graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts. She is a graduate of the 40th Japan National Broadcasting’s Japanese Music Performance Program. She won the silver prize in the 2000 Kenjun Classic Koto Concours and was a 2001 Cultural Ministry artist internship recipient. Participating in the 2004 annual Arts Festival she presented her second recital. In 2009 she performed in the National Theatre’s ‘Japanese Musicians and Dancers of the Future’ special program.

She successfully auditioned for the Victor Japanese Music CD competition and released the CD ‘Yamada Style Koto—SASAKI Chikano’. SASAKI is a member of Tsubasa no Kai, the Toko Kai, the Shincho Kai, the Nakanoshima Kai, the Yamada Style Koto Association, and the Japan Sankyoku Association. Since 2016 she has worked as education assistant at the Tokyo University of Arts Music Department.